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Music Inspired by Nature: Exploring Lior Navok’s Nature-Related Works

Composer Lior Navok draws inspiration from the natural world, capturing its beauty, rhythms, and mysteries in his rich and diverse musical compositions. His works resonate with the timeless essence of nature, inviting listeners to explore its depths through sound. In this article, we’ll delve into several of his remarkable pieces across different genres.

Nature-Inspired Music
Music Inspired by Nature

Music Inspired by Nature

Orchestral Music

Aurora Borealis

  • Duration: 12'

  • Instrumentation: Chamber orchestra featuring harp, accordion, percussion, and strings. Aurora Borealis evokes the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights. Shimmering strings mirror the celestial spectacle, while ethereal harp melodies transport us to the Arctic skies. Percussive accents punctuate the cosmic display. Learn more

…of Weaving the Shadowed Waves

  • Duration: 7'30"

  • Instrumentation: Two marimbas (soli), two oboes, two horns, and strings (6, 5, 4, 3, 1) Like waves weaving intricate patterns, this piece conjures the ebb and flow of ocean tides. Marimbas and winds interplay, creating a mesmerizing sonic seascape. Learn more

Choral Music

It Is Winter That We Dream Of Spring

  • Duration: 4'

  • Instrumentation: Mixed chamber choir Amid winter’s quietude, this contemplative choral work reflects on the longing for spring. Voices blend, echoing the promise of renewal even in the coldest season. Learn more

Meditations Over Shore

  • Duration: 14'

  • Instrumentation: Soli (SATB), double chamber choir, double large choir, harmonica, percussion (2), and piano. Meditations Over Shore invites listeners to the meeting point of land and sea. Harmonica and voices intertwine, evoking coastal reflections, tides, and the eternal rhythm of waves. Learn more


  • Duration: 9'

  • Instrumentation: 12 singers (SATB), soprano saxophone, clarinet, harp, guitar, and percussion Under the moon’s watchful gaze, Nocturne weaves haunting vocal lines with mysterious instrumental interplay. Night whispers come alive, revealing hidden landscapes. Learn more

Vocal Music

Spring Calls

  • Duration: 10' 30"

  • Instrumentation: Leggero soprano (also playing small percussion instruments), flute, viola, cello, and harp. Spring Calls celebrates nature’s awakening. Delicate vocal lines intertwine with lush ensemble textures, echoing the season’s rebirth—the first buds, the thawing earth, and the promise of warmth. Learn more

The Sea of Sunset

  • Duration: 8'

  • Instrumentation: Soprano/mezzo-soprano, tenor trombone, piano, and double bass As the sun dips below the horizon, The Sea of Sunset captures twilight’s serene beauty. Expressive vocal lines blend with instrumental hues—the colors of fading light, the gentle lapping of waves, and the quietude of dusk. Learn more

Blurred Formations

  • Duration: 10'

  • Instrumentation: Classical guitar and concert accordion

Timbres blur in harmonious ambiguity. Blurred Formations paints a hazy landscape where guitar and accordion converse—an abstract canvas of mist, shadows, and fleeting melodies. Learn more

Chamber Music

Three Winged Movements

  • Duration: 12'

  • Instrumentation: Flute and piano. Fluttering melodies take flight, exploring the delicate balance between air and earth. Three Winged Movements soar. Learn more

Mysterious Pond

  • Duration: 10'

  • Instrumentation: Flute, oboe, and piano From his temporary studio nestled in the forest, Navok could hear remote sounds emanating from a nearby pond: Frog Peepers creating a haunting texture, night birds, and distant howls. Inspired by these natural sounds, Navok imagined minor episodes involving water creatures, lighting, rustling leaves, and the gentle whisper of the water. The piece weaves a continuum of musical scenes, seamlessly transitioning from dusk to sunrise. Learn more

Veiled Echoes

  • Duration: 15'

  • Instrumentation: Flute, viola, and harp Veiled Echoes weaves a tapestry of echoes and reflections. The flute’s delicate phrases converse with the viola’s warmth, while the harp adds shimmering layers. It’s as if nature itself whispers secrets through these instruments. Learn more

Unaccompanied Music


  • Duration: 5'

  • Instrumentation: Flute solo Dunes captures the windswept contours of desert sands. The flute becomes our guide, tracing the undulating landscape—the shifting grains, the heat haze, and the solitude of vast horizons. Learn more

East of the Cane Fields

  • Duration: 8'

  • Instrumentation: Harp solo

  • East of the Cane Fields draws inspiration from the cane fields found in Boston’s Fenway Park. These canes, when stirred by the wind, create a mesmerizing visual effect accompanied by an enigmatic whistle. Their inherent flexibility causes their movement to constantly shift between directions. In this composition, the visual magic of the cane fields is translated into sound, specifically applied to the harp. Learn more


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