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for chamber orchestra


12 minutes


Harp, accordion, percussion and strings

Year Composed:  


Written For:            
Das Georgische Kammerorchester
Ariel Zuckermann, conductor

Commissioned By:
Das Georgische Kammerorchester

Premiere Performance:

16 October 2008, 
Ingolstadt, Germany
Das Georgische Kammerorchester
Ariel Zuckermann, conductor

Program Notes:

The theme of light, its radiance, frequency, variety in colors and intensity has occupied my mind for quite some time. In previous compositions such as the Nocturne and Gleams from the Bosom of Darkness I have tried to portrait this visual image of light intensities in musical sounds. Therefore, when I was approached by Maestro Ariel Zuckermann to write a new work for the Georgian Chamber Orchestra with the theme of Aurora Borealis in mind I became immediately enthusiastic.

Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights is an astronomical phenomenon in which light displays in the sky in various colors, usually observed at dark at the polar zone.

Technically speaking, auroras occur when charged particles from earth’s magnetosphere, collide with atoms and molecules of earth’s upper atmosphere. The collisions electronically excite atoms and molecules in the upper atmosphere, thus creating gas – light emission. Depending on the kind of gas emission, green, red blue or violet color will appear. Therefore, though the viewer may see a static visual effect in the sky, there is much activity and intensity going on behind the scenes. This static activity, along with the ever-changing forms, light hues and shades is what I intended to portrait musically in this piece, adding to it the mystic aura of this incredible phenomenon which has rightly found its way into many mythologies.

Aurora Borealis was written for the Georgian Chamber Orchestra, Ariel Zuckermann music director and dedicated to them.


music for orchestra | chamber orchestra | accordion | harp | percussion

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