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Flute and Harp Repertoire

Just released: SEVEN HAIKU - for flute (or alto flute and piano.)

This work was written during a continued turmoil period in Israel, while searching for some quietude, stillness and positive outlook about life. The piece is rather an experience, or meditative event, trying to

slow down the pace, minimize events, create no dramas. 

Flute and Harp repertoire retrospective: In the enchanting world of flute and harp music, where ethereal melodies intertwine, contemporary compositions by living composers breathe new life into this timeless duo. As a composer myself, I find solace in crafting harmonies that bridge tradition and innovation.

Contemporary Flute and Harp Repertoire: A Harmonious Tapestry

Like a whispered secret carried by the wind, Navok’s compositions blend intricate harmonies with unexpected twists. His use of extended techniques—flutter-tonguing, harmonics, and breathy articulations—creates a vivid sonic landscape.

Living Composers: Beyond Navok’s realm, contemporary composers offer a kaleidoscope of sounds. Kaija Saariaho weaves electronic elements into her compositions, infusing the harp’s plucked strings with shimmering digital echoes. Toshio Hosokawa draws inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, evoking cherry blossoms in bloom through fluttering flute trills and cascading harp arpeggios. And then there’s Jennifer Higdon, whose vibrant rhythms and soaring melodies celebrate life’s exuberance.

Contemporary flute and harp repertoire invites us to listen anew, to embrace the unexpected, and to honor the living voices shaping our musical landscape.


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