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for wind ensemble


9:00 minutes


4 Fl. (all double Piccolo); 4 Ob.;
4 Cl.; 4 Bn.; 2 SSx (doubling TSx);
2 ASx; 4 Hn.; 3 Tp.; 4 Trb.; 
1 Euph. (optional); 1 Tb (optional);

2 Perc.;

2 Pianos

Year Composed:  


Written For:            
Charles Peltz

Premiere Performance:

November 2021
Charles Peltz, conductor
New England Conservatory
Boston, USA


Program Notes:

When traveling by train, I enjoy sitting by the window and looking outside. When looking afar, the horizon moves rather slowly and in an oval-shaped line. When looking closer, the sharp angle presents a hectic, fast-changing, unpredictable visual effect. Over the years, I started viewing these visual experiences as sound events, ever-changing, merging, widening, closing up, and always colorful. The title refers to the unpredictability of events, much like how one cannot predict the next event while seated on a fast-moving loose caboose.


Loose Caboose is dedicated to Charles Peltz.


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