opera in two acts


93 minutes 

Year Composed:  


Story and Libretto By:

Lior Navok



German Translation:
Kristian Lutze

Dramatis Personæ:

Lucia: light lyric soprano
Allendorf: lyric baritone
Fred Bucksmann: bass-baritone
Klara Bucksmann: high soprano
Sinya: alto
Chicken-Heart: tenor buffo
Sipho: young lyric tenor
Zachary Rutget: dramatic bass
Right-Hand: dramatic tenor
Mr. Kavi: lyric bass
Farmer, Guard, Big Uncle (Head I): bass-baritone
Schatz, Big Uncle (Head II): tenor


1 flute / piccolo / bass flute; 1 oboe / English horn; 1 clarinet / bass clarinet; 1 bassoon / contra bassoon; 1 horn; 1 percussion; 1 harp; 1 piano; strings (6,5,4,3,2)

Commissioned By: 

Oper Frankfurt

Premiere Performance: 

Oper Frankfurt
31 May, 2015

Music Director: Sebastian Zierer
Stage Director: Corinna Tetzel
Set Design: Stephanie Rauch
Customes: Judith Adam
Lighting: Jan Hartmann
Dramaturgie: Deborah Einspieler


Lucia: Kateryna Kasper
Allendorf: Daniel Schmutzhard
Fred Bucksmann: Davide Damiani
Klara Bucksmann: Elizabeth Reiter
Sinya: Stine Marie Fischer
Chicken-Heart: Alexander Mayr
Sipho: Michael Porter
Zachary Rutget: Alfred Reiter
Right-Hand: Hans Schöpflin
Herr Kavi: Carlos Krause
Bauer / Big Uncle 1: Gurgen Baveyan 
Schatz / Big Uncle 2: Yves Saelens

Program Notes:

Conflicts always involve two or more sides who deeply believe in their truth. When no peaceful solution is to be found, violence is used to pursue it, sadly - in the name of God, the national sacrifice and the victims. When new generations grow up into mistrust and intolerance for the "other side", existential fear, open wounds and leadership manipulation, the tragedy just roots itself deeper in the national ethos. When each person around is scratched and affected by the past and present, who will be brave enough to face reality, prejudiced society and "the other side"? Who could close the gaps and build a trustful bridge?

In An unserem Fluss I have created a world of shaken-reality, a fantasy-land – wishful utopia. Two groups face their destiny, fight for their land and the right to exist in honor. Each character, affected by its own trauma pull the rope in its direction. Would they succeed finding a common ground?


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