for two marimbas and chamber orchestra


7.5 minutes


2 marimbas (soli), 2 oboes,2 horns, strings (6,5,4,3,1)

Year Composed:  


Written For:            
PercaDu and The Tel Aviv Soloists;
Barak Tal, music director


Commissioned By:
In memory of Adele and John Gray for the America-Israel Cultural Foundation


Premiere Performance:

9 November 2003, 
Carnegie Hall, New York, USA
PercaDu: Adi Morag and Tomer Yariv, marimbas
The Tel Aviv Soloists
Barak Tal, conductor

Program Notes:

While composing “…of weaving the shadowed waves” I was fascinated by imaginary visual images of under-water waves woven into each other thus creating ever-changing contours and curves. At the same time, the surroundings itself – the water, was for most of the time peaceful in its nature, dark blue, mysterious, full of shadows and reflections from above the surface. The two marimbas, with their mysterious, haunting, yet dry tone create these altering waves – changing their intensity, their direction and their relation to the surrounding water. These waves often leave the depth and continue their movement above the surface. On its turn, the surrounding water, or musically speaking the orchestra is responsive to the play of the waves – moving along with them loosing and gaining tranquility.

…of weaving the shadowed waves was commissioned in memory of Adele and John Gray for the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Gala concert – 9 November 2003, Carnegie Hall. It was written for PercaDu – Adi Morag and Tomer Yariv, percussionists and The Tel-Aviv Soloists Ensemble conducted by Barak Tal. With many thanks to Gideon Paz, who initiated the creation of this composition.


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