music for chorus


for mixed chamber choir

Duration:              4 minutes

Instrumentation:  mixed chamber choir

for mixed chamber choir

Duration:              10 minutes

Instrumentation:  chamber choir (SATB)

for soli, choir and small ensemble

Duration:              14 minutes

Instrumentation:  soli (SATB), double chamber choir, double large choir, harmonica, percussion (2) and Piano


Duration:               44 minutes

Instrumentation:  tenor solo, bass-baritone solo, two narrators, boy-soprano, choir and

orchestra. (with additional soprano and alto from within the choir)

for symphonic band and chorus (or vocal ensemble)

Duration:              18 minutes

Instrumentation:  3 flutes (3rd also doubles piccolo), alto Flute; 3 oboes (3rd doubles English horn; 3 bassoons (3rd doubles contra bassoon); piccolo clarinet, 6 clarinets, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet; 4 saxophones (SATB); 6 horns; 3 trumpets; 2 flugelhorns; 3 tenor trombones, 1 bass trombone; 1 euphonium, 2 tubas;  double bass; harp; piano/celeste (one player); percussion (5 players); three narrators:  alto, tenor and bass. (also sing with the on-stage chorus); soprano soloist (from the on-stage chorus); on-stage chorus (about 48-96 singers);  back-stage women chorus. It is possible to perform the work with a full choir setting, or vocal ensemble (singers one on a part, amplified.)

for vocal ensemble and five instruments

Duration:               9 minutes

Instrumentation:  12 singers (SATB), soprano saxophone, clarinet, harp, guitar and percussion

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Lior Navok, composer | contemporary music composer | new music composer