for flute, oboe and piano 


10 minutes


flute, oboe and piano

Year Composed:  


Written For:            

Carmel Trio

Commissioned by:  

Sons et Couleurs au Musée – Er’ella Talmi, director; with funds from the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation.

Premiere Performance:

21 November, 2004
Quebec-City; Canada
Eyal Ein-Habar, flute
Dudu Carmel, oboe
Akiko Tominaga, piano

Program Notes:

Mysterious Pond was written during my artist residency at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, USA. 

From my studio which was sited in the midst of the forest I could hear remote sounds that came from the nearby pond: Frog Peepers created a most haunting sound texture, the sounds of night birds and the distant howls. My mind started to work towards imagining the pond and its mysterious atmosphere at different times of the day, but especially from dusk to sunrise. I imagined small episodes, involving the water creatures, their sounds, the lighting, rustle of the leaves and the whisper of the water. All these created a continuum of musical scenes, woven one into the other.


Mysterious Pond was written for flutist Eyal Ein Habar and oboist Dudu Carmel. It was commissioned by the “Sons et Couleurs au Musée” concert series, (Er’ella Talmi, Director) with funds from the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation.


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