for piano and string quartet


18 minutes


piano, violins (2), viola and cello

Year Composed:  


Commissioned by:  

American Composers Forum, the Jerome Foundation

Premiere Performance:

Sarah Bob, piano
Francine Trester, violin

Christina Day, vioin

Annette Klein, viola

Mickey Katz, cello


1. poco rubato e tranquillo

2. scherzo

3. adagio tenero

Program Notes:

I have always looked at the Piano Quintet medium as the little cousin of the piano concerto. The string quartet, being a unified, homogeneous medium on its own right, surround the piano and give it a generous permission to act like a concerto soloist. Nonetheless, the beauty of this medium is found in its chamber-music qualities, where all members express themselves as individuals and therefore create delicate and intimate musical moments. While writing my Piano Quintet (2000), I tried to integrate all these elements. It consists of three movements which are closely related thematically. The first movement, marked poco rubato e tranquillo, introduces one of the quintet's main motives. Right after the introduction, the movement takes a sharp turn into a faster tempo and a passionate character. A fast and determined scherzo brings out the light and virtuosic side of the ensemble. The last movement, adagio tenero is the most extended of the three and acts like an echo of the previous movements.

The Piano Quintet was underwritten by the American Composer Forum, with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation.


Lior Navok, composer | contemporary music composer | new music composer