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a musical story


28 minutes 


Narrator; 1,1,1,1; 3,1,1,0; 2 perc.; strings
[The very same instrumentation as in 

Peter and the Wolf]:

Year Composed:  



Story and Libretto by:

Lior Naok


Currently available in:English, Hebrew
Can be translated to any language.

Written For:

Noa Berenike Navok

Premiere Performance:

Israel Chamber Orchestra

Tal Mosseri, actor

Ariel Zuckermann, conductor
Tel Aviv, Israel

Additional Information:
Brave Little Timmy is based on the same instrumentation of ’Peter and the Wolf' 

musical story

The Story:

For centuries over centuries, man has considered the wolf to be a fierce, frightful enemy. Generation after generation learnt scary stories about the wolves and their horrible deeds. Surely, these were based on real events, but the result was a massive extinction of the wolf population and endless amount of stories of the brave person annihilating it.

In that spirit, Peter and the Wolf came to life. The child, who does not listen to his grandfather's advice, manages, through swiftness and cleverness to catch the "bad" wolf.

It the last 20 years there has been a revival. Wolves are "allowed" to return to their natural places, the woods, and man learns to live again with the wolf side by side. In that spirit, Brave Little Timmy came to life. The Libretto is based, in part, on the legend of Saint Francis & the Wolf of Gubbio along with Native-American reflections on the relationship between man and animal.

Timmy is eight years old. Every night, when everybody in the village is asleep, he hears the howls of a distant wolf. He howls back and the two communicate. Timmy knows he has a wolf-friend somewhere.

One morning, the villagers realize that the wolf visited them and devoured one of their sheep. Angrily, they decide to hunt the wolf.

Timmy decides to warn the wolf. He sneaks out of the village, and starts heading towards the woods. During his adventurous day, he meets an old hunter who is very proud of the number of wolves he caught in his life. Timmy also encounters a bear, who, in contradiction to the hunter has a "live and let live" philosophy.

When Timmy meets the wolf (not without inner conflict), he discovers a she-wolf cub. The wolf has lost all her family to the old hunter. Nobody could teach her how to hunt and therefore she is hungry and must sneak into the village. Wolves from other packs would not accept her – she is all alone.

Timmy finds a solution. He returns to the village while riding the wolf's back and after much village hub-hub and persuasion, he convinces the villagers to adopt the wolf cub into their community. The community is happy to do a good thing and single out Timmy as a brave kid.

Timmy's brave act meets kids in their level of thinking, as well as adults who may find the story encouraging for finding quiet, peaceful and respecting ways to bridge between various life conflicts.


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