Butterfly Effect Ensemble:
Stephen Horenstein, Woodwinds
Jeffery Kowalsky, Percussion
Lior Navok, Piano


Butterfly Effect is a cutting-edge ensemble creating dream-like episodes with live performance, sound and visual imaging. This rare meeting of three veteran Israel musical creators, along with guest visual artists, results in an experience touching the subliminal, unexpected and surreal. The group's hallmark is an inner communication built from years of collaborative composition. The ensemble's sound is built from extremes: from extremely spacious and meditative spaces, to dense, primitive primal screams. Real-time composition creates an on-stage "drama" of discover: three musicians taking a chance in real time, building miniature "worlds", one by one, like islands in an archipelago, or pictures in a gallery. Each piece has its own unique feeling, tone and message. The overall effect is a sublime acoustic and visual experience, a blend of the ancient and modern.

The large array of instruments include: percussion (water gongs, vibraphone, amplified cymbals, roto toms, heat sink, Thailand nipple gongs, Indian chinta, wood saws, bass drum, etc.); woodwinds (bass flute, alto flute, bass clarinet, soprano and baritone saxophones, Chinese flutes, bamboo saxophones, Tibetan double reed instruments, Irish flute, various ethnic double reed instruments), and keyboards (grand piano with array of sticks and beaters, prepared piano).

The Natives are Restless [CD]

  • Item CD [physical copy]  
    Release Year 2006
    Label  JICM Recordings
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Lior Navok, composer | contemporary music composer | new music composer