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Symphonic Bagatelles

for symphony orchestra

08 Mar 2010 / in Orchestral Music, Work List
Duration:18 minutes
Instrumentation: 3,3,3,3 – 4,3,3,1 – 3 perc.- hrp – pno/cel – str.

Duration:18 minutes
Instrumentation: 3 flutes (3rd doubles alto flute and piccolo); 3 oboes (3rd doubles English horn); 3 clarinets (1st doubles piccolo clarinet (Eb), 3rd doubles bass clarinet); 3 bassoons (3rd doubles CBN); 4 horns; 3 trumpets, 3 trombones; tuba/tenor tuba; harp; pno./cel.; percussion (3); strings
Year Composed: 2000
Movements:1. Appasionato
2. Drammatico
3. Misterioso, Scherzando
4. Humoresque
5. Songnado, Rubato
6. Allegretto
7. Energico Furioso
8. Vivace 
9. Largamente, Maestoso
10. Largo Sostenuto

Program notes:
While composing the Ten Bagatelles for solo piano, and even more while practicing the completed work for performance, I realized its orchestral potential: the piece was asking to speak through a larger medium with more dramatic power, greater contrast of dynamics, a richer palette of colors, and simultaneous registers. These ten character pieces are around 2-3 minutes each, which together create a united symphonic form.

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